The Breeder

My Story:
I am Elina Rautalahti, Senior Environmental Advisor, retired since 2018. My first Australian
Labradoodle, Kaneli, joined our pack in winter 2017, followed by Manteli in 2018, Misteli in
2019 and Saimi in 2021.
With Kaneli, we started rally obedience and training as a scent detection dog. Kaneli later
became one of the few truffle-sniffing dogs in Finland. Manteli, Misteli and Saimi have
continued with the same activities, and one hobby that all my dogs share is sniffing out
chanterelles in the forest.
I became a breeder as result of my hobbies and interests, and these days, ALD breeding
is my passion and main job. My goal is to develop the ALD breed further in Finland and I
strive to continuously improve my competence as a breeder, by acquiring new information
and training on the topic of dog breeding, to develop my work further and for my part, offer
a balanced life for the dogs and produce responsibly bred puppies for owners.
I have completed the course of international professional dog trainer at the International
Dog Trainer School (Levels 1–4) and I am a qualified scent detection dog trainer. I have
also completed Amber Batson’s six-month Puppy Power course.
I am a member of the PDTE Pet Dog Trainers of Europe network.
I cooperate with the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)
Foundation, Juva Truffle Center and Baltic Truffel ab.

My principles as breeder:
Finnish ALD breeders register with international breed organisations, the Worldwide
Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA), Australian Labradoodle Association Europe
(ALAEU) or Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA). These breed
organisations steer breeding efforts and define the objectives and rules for breeding,
including health requirements and ethical guidelines.
Lindars is a member of ALAEU and WALA and committed to comply with their rules and
regulations, including the requirements for breeding dogs. All breeding dogs’ health is
tested according to the health requirements in the rules and regulations. Likewise, the
dog’s temperament and suitability for breeding are assessed.
All our breeding dogs are DNA profiled to verify parentage. The dogs are DNA tested to
avoid any genetic illnesses and the dogs’ hips, elbows and knees are screened in
accordance with ALAEU and WALA requirements. The dogs also undergo official eye
tests, which are repeated at 18-month intervals.
The requirements for breeding dogs include:
Hips: OFA Excellent (FCI A1), Good (FCI A2 & B1), Fair (FCI B2) or PennHip below 0.7
(WALA), 0.5 (ALAEU)
Elbows: Normal (0/0), Knees: Clear (0/0)

In addition to clear health tests, the dogs’ temperament influences the choice of individuals
for breeding. Breeding dogs must be social and easy to train, and any aggression or other
behavioural problems will prevent them from being used for breeding purposes.
Breeding dogs and litters are registered in the breed organisations’ registers. In the
register, breeders can check the dogs’ pedigrees and health test results, and gain
information on litters.
One of the main goals of breeding is to maximise the breed’s genetic diversity. For my
part, I have strived to ensure this by importing breeding dogs and frozen semen from the
United States and European countries, and by cooperating with other breeders in Finland.
According to ALAEU Breeding rules and regulations, the maximum inbreeding percentage
of a pairing is 5%, but in many cases, the percentage is much lower, 1–2%.
The breed’s breeding work is ongoing, and the aim of international breed organisations is
to minimise puppy farming in this highly sought-after breed. Therefore, pet dogs are
spayed/neutered at the age of 18 months at the latest. For breeding purposes, puppies
can be monitored longer, and the required health tests are usually performed at the age of
12 to 24 months. The final decision on the use of an individual for breeding is made once
the test results are clear. Typically, one to three dogs from each litter are selected for
breeding, depending on their health test results, temperament and lineage.
My aim as a breeder is to assist puppy owners with any problems that I can possibly help
them with.

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